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Australian National Winner at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Just found out I was announced the Australian National winner at the prestigious Sony World Photography awards 2016. Very excited and overwhelmed:…/australia-national-award-2016-sony…/

Thank you to the World Photography Organisation for this amazing honour, it’s a very proud moment

Cuttlefish Aggregation photo by Scott Portelli awarded at Sony World Photography Awards

The Australian Giant Cuttlefish aggregation is truly one of nature’s great events. Thousands of cuttlefish congregate in the shallow waters around the Spencer gulf in South Australia, to mate and perpetuate the species. The cuttlefish like alien beings, display an array of patterns, textures and colours to indicate their intentions. As male courts a female or wards off other males, and entourage of suiters stay poised for an opportunity to mate with the female. A visual delight and a rare glimpse of nature in all its glory.

whale sharks Cendrawasih Bay

The Hunger: Whale Sharks in Cendrawasih Bay

In a place called Cendrawasih Bay in West Papua, whale sharks congregate in great numbers to feed in the rich waters. Filter feeding on small fish and plankton these sharks have a healthy appetite and very rarely stop eating for anything. But the reason they are so abundant is because the local fisherman share their catch with these giants and now the sharks know they can sometimes get an easy feed from the fisherman on the Began’s. Being in the water with several hungry whale sharks that have no concern for your personal space is hectic to say the least. they will literally squeeze you out of the way to get to the bait fish caught in the nets. Truly a spectacular event to witness, just watch you don’t get knocked out by these pushy giants.

whale sharks Cendrawasih Bay

PNG Diving 2013

Diving in Papua New Guinea

Just returned from diving in the tropical rich waters of PNG. A pristine environment with lush green landscapes and an abundance of weird and wonderful marine life. It is a picturesque place with a variety of different diving options, from small macro life in volcanic black sand to thriving coral reefs. The water was 30 Degrees which makes you want to stay in the water as long as possible. Definitely, Papua New Guinea should be on your bucket list.

PNG Diving 2013