This full colour, hard cover, coffee table book is packed with more than 300 images across almost 200 pages. The them of the book is the colours of Australia, depicting an eclectic array of subjects and genres that explore the underwater world, the iconic Australian landscape and the unique wildlife found across the diversity of the Australian continent.

Get a glimpse into our journey across this vast landscape seeing the world from above and below. See the stars of the Milky Way across  the arid outback landscape, explore the depths of the ocean and learn about its marine inhabitants, join us at 3000ft above the earth as we get a birds eye view of the vivid abstract landscapes. This is truly a comprehensive look through the hidden beauty of a place we call home.

we are certain you will enjoy this book almost as much as we enjoyed capturing these unique perspectives around Australia.

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    There is nowhere else in the world more accessible or that offers such an intimate experience with so much diversity of wildlife than the Falkland Islands. There are seabirds nesting on every corner of the islands, marine mammals frequenting the coastline and penguins marching across pristine sandy beaches. I have been lucky enough to have spent the last 4 years travelling to the Falkland Islands and I have collected these images of some of my favourite animal encounters and hidden corners of the islands to share this unique destination with you.


    Antarctica is one of the most pristine and unique destinations on earth. Snow and ice cover the continent in a blanket of white. Surrounded by sea ice, the continent supports a thriving array of wildlife both above and below the surface. I have been lucky enough to have been travelling to this amazing continent for over 17 years and have captured images of both the stunning landscape and its array of wildlife. This book covers my travels across the white continent as I encounter whales, seals, penguins and sea birds in this sub-zero environment.

    Gentle Giants – 20th Anniversary edition

    The Kingdom of Tonga is host to one of the world’s most pristine environments in addition to hosting the beautiful humpback whales during their calving and mating seasons. I have spent the last 20 years capturing extraordinary moments with these majestic creatures and have collected my favourite images in this book to celebrate this special milestone.