Lord Howe Island Underwater Shootout

June 2nd – 12th 2017

Lord Howe Island Underwater Shootout

WIN Amazing Prizes!

Dive Packages for 10 days including flights & Accommodation
Categories for Amateurs & Professionals
Attend Photo Workshops, Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Return flights from Sydney
10 nights accommodation at Leanda Lei Apartments
Return airport transfers
10 dive package around Lord Howe Island
2 night dives
All dive gear
Refreshments in between dives
Morning tea at the Museum to kick off the event
Gala Dinner at the Golf Club to conclude the event and announce the winners
Price: $2,950 
Attend workshops with Scott Portelli & Michaela Skovranova to learn more about your photography or tweak what you already know. workshops will include practical and in classroom techniques.
Prize categories
Black & white
Video (under 2 mins)
Endemic species
Split (Over/under shot)

ProDive-Photoshootout2-Lord Howe Island


If you want to join us for this event and hone your skills at our workshops, please email for more information.


Australian National Winner at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Just found out I was announced the Australian National winner at the prestigious Sony World Photography awards 2016. Very excited and overwhelmed:…/australia-national-award-2016-sony…/

Thank you to the World Photography Organisation for this amazing honour, it’s a very proud moment

Cuttlefish Aggregation photo by Scott Portelli awarded at Sony World Photography Awards

The Australian Giant Cuttlefish aggregation is truly one of nature’s great events. Thousands of cuttlefish congregate in the shallow waters around the Spencer gulf in South Australia, to mate and perpetuate the species. The cuttlefish like alien beings, display an array of patterns, textures and colours to indicate their intentions. As male courts a female or wards off other males, and entourage of suiters stay poised for an opportunity to mate with the female. A visual delight and a rare glimpse of nature in all its glory.

Weedy Sea Dragon and diver

Weedy Seadragon Tours and Private Guiding

Weedy Seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus)

Want to see one of the rarest most elusive creatures in the underwater world? Then Sydney is the place to dive. The east coast of Australia has some of the best underwater habitats in which the Weedy Seadragon thrives.

But they are not always easy to find as they camouflage themselves in the kelp that resembles their colour and features. I have been diving in Sydney for over 20 years and know the underwater terrain of many of the dive sites across Sydney north and south.

I have been photographing the various stages of the Weedy Seadragon’s life cycle in order to gain valuable data and learn more about their behaviour and population along our coastline.

Weedy Sea Dragons closeups by underwater photographer Scott Portelli

If you would like to join a private guided tour to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, I can organise dives around Sydney to some of the best hotspots for seeing Weedys.

Weedy Sea Dragon and scuba diver underwater

These beautiful coloured dragons are closely related to the seahorse, being a member of the Syngnathidae family.

Weedy Sea Dragons

Join Our Weedy Seadragon tours

Antarctica 2014

Unpredictable – Expedition to Antarctica

They say the best laid plans of mice and men, well the plan was to get down to Antarctica, get some helicopters, see some Emperor penguins and come home content. However in Antarctica, things don’t always go to Plan and you usually have to deal with what you get. In this instance the trip of a lifetime did not quite deliver. But despite the various mishaps and not reaching our goal, Antarctica is the most beautiful pristine place on the planet, and what you do get to see is quite spectacular to say the least. Even a not-ideal trip to Antarctica is still out of this world. So focusing on the positive here is a glimpse of what you can see in unpredictable Antarctica.

And if you like this, then save your pennies and join us in 2016 on an expedition to South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula, I can assure you it will be a trip of a lifetime as you visit the most amazing parts of Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic Islands.

Unpredictable Antarctica 2014 collage penguins seals ice helicopters

Join me on an upcoming tour here: