Blue shark & mobula rays in the Azores

Blue Shark, Mako & Mobula Ray Tour 2016

In 2016 we will be running a unique 8 Day dive trip in the Azores to see Blue sharks, Mako sharks and dive the famous Princess Alice Pinnacle for the giant mobula rays. The waters around the Azores hold so much diversity and on any given day you will see resident sperm whales and dolphins not to mention the other amazing cetaceans and marine life in these crystal clear waters. This Blue Shark, Mako & Mobula Ray tour is a small group trip and will be running in August 2015. Contact us for further information and options for divers and photographers.

Blue shark & mobula rays in the Azores on the Blue Shark, Mako & Mobula tour with Scott Portelli

Dolphins in the Bahamas

Manatees, Dolphins and Sharks – Bahamas and Florida

My recent trip to the Bahamas provided some amazing photographic opportunities. But I spent the first 3 days at Crystal River in Florida swimming with the Manatees. These are amazing gentle animals that are quite interactive and spend most of their time huddled around each other or the warm springs. The Highlight was spending time with the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the Grand Bahamas, they were amazingly beautiful and very interactive. I would have spent the whole trip there if I could. But the aim of the trip was to dive with the sharks and more specifically seek out some of the tiger sharks that are found in the area. the lemon and reef sharks were abundant and most days we saw at least one tiger shark if not more. definitely a place to visit again. for images check out the gallery here.

Dolphins in the Bahamas

Underside of a whale

Elysium Expedition Antarctica 2010

As part of an Elysium expedition team to Antarctica we spent 3 weeks photographing and filming wildlife along the Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant Island and South Georgia with a team of expert photographers, film makers and scientists.

The Elysium Antarctic Journey is described on their website, here’s a short extract:
“Nearly a century later, in 2010, the heroic spirit of Shackleton lives on through a new team of explorers: to follow his footsteps, not for the glory of being the first to cross the Antarctic or the first to climb the highest mountain, but to produce a momentous documentation of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This production will serve as a gift for future generations with an imaging epic that guarantees to inspire, invigorate and challenges us to preserve our planet.  Elysium is a project that draws upon the world’s finest nature artists and scientists to document the vista, flora and fauna of the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. The area is regarded as one of the most enchanting wilderness regions of our planet, yet volatile and under severe threat from the warming of the world’s climate. The production promises the most awe-inspiring and stunning audio visual interpretation ever seen of Antarctica.”






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