Cuttlefish & Leafy Seadragon Photography Workshop


Join us in Whyalla and Port Lincoln, South Australia for one of nature’s great events: The Australian Giant Cuttlefish Aggregation.

We are running two workshops back to back:

29th June – 5th July 2020 Fly into Port Lincoln and out of Whyalla

2 days with the Leafy Seadragons followed by 3 days with the Giant Australian Cuttlefish,

There will be 5 sessions over the week to help improve your photography and video skills while shooting these amazing creatures found only in Australia.

All workshop weeks include:

  • Accommodation
  • Boat Charter (1 boat dive in Whyalla and 2 days shore diving)
  • Dive Equipment (Weights, Tanks, BCD, Wetsuit, fins, Mask, snorkel as required)
  • 4WD Transport (to and from dive sites and between Port Lincoln & Whyalla)
  • Photographic Workshop (detailed schedule to follow)

Cost for the week of diving and attending the photographic workshops is $2,540

Learn about cuttlefish behaviour and how to get the best opportunity in the water with them and the Leafy Seadragons.

Want to find out more, email for more details

It is the one and only event of its kind, so don’t miss out!



_MG_6771 IMG_7528


Day 1 – Arrive Port Lincoln

Day 2 – Dive Port Lincoln/Tumby Bay

Day 3 – Dive Port Lincoln/Tumby Bay

Day 3 – Drive to Whyalla

Day 4 – Dive Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish (Boat Dive)

Day 5 – Dive Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish (Shore Dive)

Day 6 – Dive Whyalla Giant Cuttlefish (Shore Dive)

Day 7 – Depart Whyalla

leafy sea dragon floating above seagrass with light rays in the background by underwater photographer Scott Portelli Giant Cuttlefish aggregation