Australian National Winner at the Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Just found out I was announced the Australian National winner at the prestigious Sony World Photography awards 2016. Very excited and overwhelmed:…/australia-national-award-2016-sony…/

Thank you to the World Photography Organisation for this amazing honour, it’s a very proud moment

Cuttlefish Aggregation photo by Scott Portelli awarded at Sony World Photography Awards

The Australian Giant Cuttlefish aggregation is truly one of nature’s great events. Thousands of cuttlefish congregate in the shallow waters around the Spencer gulf in South Australia, to mate and perpetuate the species. The cuttlefish like alien beings, display an array of patterns, textures and colours to indicate their intentions. As male courts a female or wards off other males, and entourage of suiters stay poised for an opportunity to mate with the female. A visual delight and a rare glimpse of nature in all its glory.


Awarded 3 x Silver awards at the AIPP NSW state awards 2015

Privileged to be awarded 3 x silvers at the AIPP NSW state awards with some shots from places visited last year. The awarded photographs include a humpback whale, a whale shark and a monitor lizard.

Silver-Awards-AIPP-NSW Whale shark humpback whale

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) is the largest member organisation for professional photographers, who must pass a rigorous AIPP accreditation process in order to be a part of this exclusive club. The purpose of the awards is to promote creativity and innovation in image making. It is judged across several categories, including Impact, Creativity & Style, Composition, Image or Print Presentation, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Colour Balance, Technical excellence, Photographic Technique and Story Telling & Subject Matter. I am privileged to receive these awards in the NSW category.


You can see some of my other awards here.


Gold at the AIPP APPA 2012 Awards

I was very excited to receive a gold award in the Science, Environment & Nature category at the Australian Professional Photography awards today (AIPP APPA). The Australian Professional Photography Awards are held annually and showcase some of the best work in Australia. I feel very privileged to have received 2 silver awards and a coveted gold award in this category.

The AIPP APPA awards are Australia’s pre-eminent professional photography event, seeking to reward current Australian image making and talented photographers.

(sperm Whale) All images taken under a special permit granted by the Regiao Autonoma Dos Acores, Secretaria Regional Do Ambiente E Do Mar, Dreccao Regional do Ambiente. 

Canon AIPP APPA Competition 2012