Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year 2019 – Winner with whales

Honoured to be announced the winner of the behaviour category for the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year 2019. This was an image I took of a heatrun of 14 humpback whales and 50 dolphins in the South Pacific. One of natures most powerful displays and with an entourage of rough toothed dolphins, was truly an amazing experience. I feel privileged to have witness this spectacular behaviour from so many beautiful cetaceans. Every day I am on the water means a chance of seeing something amazing, but I couldn’t do this without my long time friend and Skipper Sione Fifita and the team from Whales in the Wild.


Swim with Whales in Tonga 2020

Just released our new dates for 2020, we still have spaces available for next year, so if this has been a life long dream, come join Swimming With Gentle Giants for the experience of a lifetime.

Tour 1 – 11th -22nd July (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 2A – 23rd – 30th (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 2 – 23rd July – 1st Aug (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 3A – 1st -12th August (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 3 – 1st -12th August (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 4A – 11th – 19th August (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 4 – 12th – 20th August (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 5 – 22nd Aug -2ndSept (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 6 – 4th Sept – 13th Sept (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 6H – 1st -12th Sept (7 Days) – Haapai
Tour 7 – 14th – 25th September (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 7H – 12th – 22nd September (6 Days) – Haapai
Tour 8 – 25h Sept – 3rd Oct (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 8H – 22nd – 30th Sept (7 Days)- Haapai
Tour 8A – 29h Sept – 3rd Oct (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 9 – 5th – 13th October (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 9A – 7th – 13th October (7 Days) – Vavau
Tour 10 – 14th – 23rd October (8 Days) – Vavau

The Pod Podcast – feature

Marc West interviews Scott Portelli about whales, the ocean, marine life and all things underwater in his Ocean Swimming Podcast series:

Scott Portelli is an acclaimed wildlife and underwater photographer, and has swum with whales and other magnificent creatures of the deep in some of the world’s most exotic locations, like Antarctica, Tonga, the Falkland Islands and Norway. Among many other awards, Scott was awarded Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2016, and he runs tours that you can join up with around the world to swim with whales.

Photo by Joanna Lentini

Ignite Sydney Talk – 1000 Days underwater with whales

Late last year I was asked to speak at an event called ignite Sydney. The idea of Ignite is simple – make the presenters stick to a rigid format of 20 slides, each of which changes automatically after 15 seconds, giving a guaranteed 5 minute presentation. this is not as easy as you might think and 15 seconds is really not a lot of time, but it was a great experience and a well organised event which I had the privilege of being a part of. I look forward to seeing the next installment of this long standing Sydney event. below is my talk about my life spent with humpback whales.


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