image copyright Canon AIPP APPA photography Competition 2012
Awarded Gold in the Science, Environment & Nature Category
Scott Portelli's Flickr Photostream

Awarded 3 x Silver awards at the AIPP NSW state awards 2015

Privileged to be awarded 3 x silvers at the AIPP NSW state awards. with some shots from places visited last year.


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Antarctica Expedition 2016

Stay tuned for some of the photography workshops we are scheduling for 2016 to Antarctica

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They say the best laid plans of mice and men, well the plan was to get down to Antarctica, gets some helicopters, see some Emperor penguins and come home content. However in Antarctica, things don’t always go to Plan and you usually have to deal with what you get. In this instance the trip of a lifetime did not quite deliver. But despite the various mishaps and not reaching our goal, Antarctica is the most beautiful pristine place on the planet, and what you do get to see is quite spectacular to say the least. so focussing on the positive here is a glimpse of what you can see in Antarctica.

Ansdif you like this, then save your pennies and join us in 2016 on an expedition to South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula, I can ensure you it will be a trip of a lifetime as you visit the most amazing parts of Antarctica and the Sun Antarctic Islands.

Antarctica 2014

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Still Paradise

I have been visiting Tonga for 13 years and spent many hours on the water photographing Humpback whales and I can tell you, every time I get in the water with these magnificent creatures, I am just as excited as the first time. Tonga has so much to offer, picturesque landscapes and underwater environments makes this place paradise for Photographers, and don’t forget the added bonus that you can swim with whales. every year I see something  different or have one of those unforgettable encounters. This year I had a baby whale shoot up from the depths and breach half a meter in front of me, exhilarating to say the least. This year Travel & Fashion Blogger, Laura McWhinnie from This Island life did an interview piece about her time in Tonga with us, check out the article here:

This year we started the Tongan Fluke Collective, which encourages visiting photographers to donate Fluke shots to help ID the different individual whales that come to Tonga each year. You can find out more about the program here: - Anyway we will be running a number of Photographic tours in the next year or so to various destinations, so stay tuned.

If you want to see some of the Video footage you can see this season’s wrap up here:

Tonga 2014 season

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